The Republic of Hout Bay: Bay Harbour Market and Snoekies

The perfect Sunday afternoon outing: a scenic drive through to Hout Bay to stroll through the Bay Harbour Market and then some deliciously fresh ol’ fish n chips at Snoekies. Sounds good right?

So first, why is Hout Bay jokingly called the Republic of Hout Bay you might ask? Here we go: A long time ago someone made his own passport which said he lived in the Republic of Hout Bay. He travelled the world with this passport (it was obviously waaaay before 9/11…) without any officials noticing his false document. The passports were actually made as part of a publicity stunt, but being able to travel the world with a fake passport is a shweet bonus.

Anywhoo, back to the Market and Snoekies… I’ve been to the Bay Harbour Market before, quite a while ago when it opened, but wow it has grown! The Bay Harbour Market is an old warehouse at the end of the harbour road. From afar the market looks small and insignificant, but walk inside and you’ve walked into another world – a world of art and craft, fashion, interior design, amazing food and live music. The bustling vibe makes it impossible not to have a good time.

The hustle and bustle

The hustle and bustle

The Bay Harbour Market aims to celebrate the ‘vibrancy, spirit and diversity of creativity and culture that make South Africa such a unique country’, and it’s done just that. Almost all goods sold at the market are made in South Africa. Many of the companies that sell at the market are involved in the development of creative and business skills in an effort to create sustainable businesses in Cape Town, which is pretty awesome.

While walking around it’s difficult to stop yourself from looking at every stall. Everything is just so amazing. There’s a stall called Eco-biz which sells bags made from recycled materials. They’re also quite proud to show you their ‘living gift’ which is a small tree packaged in a biodegradable tube. Other stalls sell clothing, quite a few of them selling linen clothing and amazing African styled t-shirts, soaps that smell so amazing it’s difficult not to want to eat them (childhood flashback), hand-made jewellery and even cushions. Then there’s the food section… Go hungry because there’s just too much to choose from.


The Bay Harbour Market also showcases live local music. Recently Prime Circle played there, but they also have amazing up-and-coming artists who entertain the crowds.

It was difficult to leave, there’s just so much to see, buy, taste and listen to.

After the market experience we thought we had to have some good ol’ fish n’ chips while we’re in Hout Bay. Conveniently Snoekies is only a few metres away. Just to clarify Snoekies is not the South African version of Jersey Shore’s Snooki, it’s a seriously South African fish and chips place.

Snoekies is super popular with the Hout Bay locals so expect loud laughter, happy kids running around with tomato-sauced faces and no free tables! Once we had ordered from the counter we found a table outside in the sun. Amazing. Once our food arrived (I ordered hake and chips), so did the seagulls. Not so amazing. Anyway, our food was finished too soon for any bird to attack.

Due to Snoekies being really popular they have a high order turnover so you know that the fish you’re getting hasn’t been lying around for a while. There are also healthy options on the menu, not everything is fried in batter. There’s a calamari salad wrap which looks delicious. Snoekies prices are also very reasonable; hake and chips with a cool drink costs about R38.

So if you’re looking for a remarkable afternoon out, try the Bay Harbour Market and Snoekies for lunch. The views to and from Hout Bay are not so sore on the eyes either 🙂



The Bay Harbour Market:

Open Friday 5-9pm, Sat&Sun 9:30-4pm


Open the whole week 10am-7pm


6 thoughts on “The Republic of Hout Bay: Bay Harbour Market and Snoekies

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    My fellow blogger Julia writes about Hout Bay Market in a recent blog. I myself have on occaision frequented the Hout Bay Market – mostly to sample the delicious baked goods, but it doesn’t hurt to take a gander through the interesting craft stores. If you are from my side of the mountain, and do not venture to The Republic of Hout Bay often, make a day trip of it! It happens to be home to one of my absolute favourite resturants – Deli Delish. A post on Deli Delish coming soon!

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